Pray 6/8/19

Pray 6/8/19

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From The Word Of God, Pray!

  May God our Father in the Lord Jesus Christ give you all of his blessings, in Great Piece of heart and mind.Image result for the gospel

 I never stop thinking of God for all the wonderful gifts he has given you, now that you are in Christ she has enriched your whole life oh, he has helped you speak out for him and give you a full understanding of the truth.

For This I thank you and praise you Father God, For You Are The Only one who is Worth, Good, and Full of Amazing Grace.

Thank you Father God For All You Do!

Thank you for creating the heavens and the Earth, we praise you, and worship you, for dying on the cross at Calvary so that all who believe in you may be saved.

Thank you Lord for forgiving me of my sins, and helping me forgive those who sin against me.

We all thank you God for you Prairie constantly, we never forget your loving Deeds, as we talk to our God and Father about you, who father God loves with his will and his grace.Image result for God's loving grace

Be strong, and steady, looking forward to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who we know that God has chosen you do.

Brothers much beloved of God for when we brought you the good news send the Lord and the word of God it was not just meaningless chatter to you (Praise God.).

Your kids good strong and your work even stronger through the Holy Spirit and God’s grace praise father God the Lord in the highest.

Thank you Lord for helping all and guiding us throw temptation oh, and helping us be delivered from Satan and evil spirits, Who attack on a constant basis.

We worship you thank you and praise you Lord for you are an awesome God.

 Blessing be yours Son of God the father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, for you died for our sins just as our God ,The Father planned and He rescued us from this evil world which we live all ; Glory to God throw all ages of Eternity in your name Father God we pray Amen.


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