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Real Estate Investing

Posted by Timothy Kines // August 6, 2020

Real Estate Investing In Uncertain Times⁉ Here Is All The Situations & Ways That May Be right for you! BPG-LLC DISCLAIMER                 House Flippers Bring, New Options To A Tight Market Yes, these are tough times, but households still have to function, and opens in a new window consumers […]

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Satan’s War On You!

Posted by Timothy Kines // June 20, 2020

“Satan’s War On You!” “How Can I defeat Satan when he attacks?” The Lord has put it in my heart to say these things I believe he is speaking through me in this moment of time.    The Apostle Paul had firsthand knowledge of Satan’s fierce battle against the church, against individual leadership and against […]

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Telling God Blog 6 To Get Out?

Posted by Timothy Kines // February 19, 2020

Telling God To Get Out ❓ This Is: GOD – BLOG – 6 This Blog is inspired by; An interview With Billy Grahams; Daughter; Annie Graham; From a interview on the early show. How could God let something like that happen? Regarding Hurricane Katrina? Annie Graham gave an extremely profound, and insightful response. She said, […]

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God Blog 5 The Rapture

Posted by Timothy Kines // January 1, 2020

THE RAPTURE IS NEAR❗❓ W A R N I N G PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE FROM CHRIST.   It’s too long to read;  However  it is important for us to know;  That what the BIBLE said This is happening now;  Satan fulfills his promise!“ WILL THE LORD SAVE US?  The; Rapture will take place any […]

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Godly Jokes.

Posted by Timothy Kines // December 29, 2019

Godly Jokes Number One (#1)  I saw this right after, I had prayed; There is a moral to this Joke. LOL.?    Two guys are walking through a game park & they come across a lion that has not eaten for days. ?  The lion starts chasing the two men; They run as fast as […]

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“God’s Will” / My Why / God’s Plan?

Posted by Timothy Kines // December 9, 2019

 My Why? MY WHY❗   In 2021  My Goal is to make  Multi Millionaires;  That is when I will be able to start helping, I have Gods plan, start soup kitchens , Restore, Lives, Restore Faith, Teach The Children Christianity in bad areas Like LA, SF, Baltimore, ECT. The Blog That I have created This […]

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Posted by Timothy Kines // July 30, 2019

IN CHRIST YOU ARE SAVED FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, SO, THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVED, IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH, HOWEVER HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE! JOHN 3:16   Galatians 2:16 Yet we Christians know very well that we cannot become right with God by obeying laws, however only by […]

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Posted by Timothy Kines // July 27, 2019

BIBLE VERSES ON SALVATION, AND REDEMPTION WITH THE LORD; CHRIST JESUS; FATHER GOD; AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WORKS, IN ALL DISCIPLES OF CHRIST JESUS     Before I get started I thought Long and Hard about this In My Prayer Blogs I always start the praying with the Lords Prayer, It is the prayer that […]

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Posted by Timothy Kines // July 21, 2019

 “SEX” IS IT REALLY A SIN?  ” SEX” IS IT OKAY TO DO? WITHIN LAWFUL MEANS? BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS? LETS GET INTO IT AND FIND OUT! PRAISE AND PRAY TO GOD! GOD BLOG 3  Sexual Sin is probably the only sin that 99.9% of all adult humans through out history are guilt of committing; […]

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Posted by Timothy Kines // July 19, 2019

CONVICTION, RENEWAL, FORGIVENESS, REPENTANCE, OBEYING THE LORD, AND YOU WILL HAVE HOLY SPIRIT JOY! “EVERY MORNING PRAY” THE LORD’S PRAYER! Our Father who is in heaven Holy Is Thy Name, yours Kingdom Come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our […]

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