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CHRIST GIVES GRACE AND INSPIRATION!Image result for Christ gives Grace and inspiration


As God’s Children, we have been called, according to a purpose that he has set for each one of our individual lives.

Knowing everything will workout through God, in life or death.

Because Glory always belongs to us through Christ’s Blood sacrifice at Calvary. There is no person, force, spirit, or power. That will ever be able to change what, God’s, Will, has set in yours or my live.



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My Lord In Heaven, To Who I Do Pray!

Holy Be Your Name! In Your Kingdom is to come as your; Will be done, in our lives on earth as in your glorious heaven, And thank you for our daily bread Lord, and forgive us our trespasses as we all forgive the trespasses against us.Lead us NOT into temptation, however, deliver us from evil! For yours, Is The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory; AMEN!

  I thank you for the confidence I have in you, knowing that all things, do work out through you.

 Because I am a child of The Lord God.

 I thank you, Lord, that you gave me the opportunity to spread the gospel, and to die is to gain as well.  It Simply means  I am returning to you, Lord. knowing this I am confident in all things.

Satan Thoughts Can Happen With Out Realizing It! Always Be On Guard, For His Evil Suggestive Thoughts!

When It Does Happen Remember, Gods Grace, and use the spiritual Helmet of armor,

When an attack from Satan comes is when you are “NOT” thinking Godly Thoughts, and that is when;Image result for Satan Bowling A Strike on Christian

 Satan Strikes!!!

He hits like a Bowling Ball hitting the pocket solid.

 So  Pray!

Image result for the Lord Jesus Christ

O God! Because I  know that, as your beloved Grace;

Speaks Through Prayer, things will always work out to the glory of the Lord;

Forever and ever! In Jesus Name We pray Amen.

Changing Mistakes T0 Motivational Positivity. Image result for motivation

When You Feel Like Quitting, Try to remember why you started in the first place.

  1. Do not go around telling people about your dreams, Show them your dreams.

  2. The Only Thing There Is To Fear, Is Fear Itself.

  3. Attitude is everything!

  4. Make things happen!

  5. Always believe in yourself, and know you can do it! In Christ!   “If Not, Watch Out For The Fall”

  6. Do not expect to see a change if you do not make one!

  7. The Magic Is In The Lord Who Is In You!

  8. Always believe in yourself;

  9. That you can do anything; Only through Gods Grace through Faith!

Remember Anything Is Possible with God’s Will.

Image result for When You Believe In Christ nothing is impossible


Oh Heavenly Father, merciful Lord in silence or out loud I feel your presence; Yes Lord back in the world I forget, Why do I lose sight of you?

I know you, I trust you, however, I get distracted, and fail!

 I let my flesh react, without thinking or care, ignoring or hurting others, even though I don’t want to;  Won’t you change me, oh Lord?

  I can’t do it on my own! Remove the obstacles in my heart; That cover your grace; When I arise from prayer let me not forget your love, and may my prayers continue.

When I engage with people may your mercy go forth, as I was saved by your mercy;  Let me stand firm on your principles.

 On the rock that is the “Almighty Christ”, whose spirit gives me life, O’ Heavenly Father God!

 Help me be humble all the word merciful God; May your hand never leave me, may my life glorify Christ! Thank You Jesus  oh mighty God savior Lord; In Christ Name We Pray ! AMEN!!!

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