LaBoom Squad

LaBoom Squad

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Video about This Laboom Squad Blog


Want To Learn The Octo Content Model?

Then Watch The Video; It Is Important; Then Click The Button That says:   Join the Mentorship Program. 

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Do you want to give your content legs;

So that your content can reach thousands of readers;

Who perhaps don’t even know that your blog exists?

Of course, you do.

Well That Is Why Years Of Testing;


Research Went Into Inventing The Octo Content Model

First :

We begin by syndicating on reliable Platforms, in a systematic format After taking into consideration your specifications.


You go for it; We understand your views, and only then take it forward.

We take into account different strategies, their costs, and work up ideas, to support the end product.


This determines on aspects like the target market, age group, audience Etc.

The aim of gaining global Visibility is one of the primary requirements.


To keep the process up and running even after the campaign is over, we insure steady follow up, that gives great returns, and work up a strategy to nurture.


Consistent Syndication Strategy, Consistent Marketing Strategies,

The majority of content marketing has limited impact with 75% of blog posts getting fewer than 10 social shares and 0 links from other domains.

This is where the Octo Content Model excels; It keeps on syndicating Constantly On 9 platforms.


Do you wish to Know more❓

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You Will Be shown, and Told how you may join

The Laboom Squad.

Here are the top things you will learn.

Content Syndication Strategies.

How to be EVERYWHERE at the same time.


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