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My Story

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Welcome To The ūüėé



“TIMOTHY KINES” Social Media Marketing Consultant


Marketing Director Of BPG,LLC

This Is My Story.

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Brooke Starr Property Group LLC

16808 Main Street #D, 407

Hesperia, Ca. 92345

Contact info:

email me at

(760) 596-5839 they go to 7  I am working on prayer-8 healing prayer.

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And now here is my life story always being updated so check it from time to time.

You never know what I am going to add.

May God bless you on this day


Update 7/22/2020

I have been studying with BYOU for over a year now; Learning the online marketing strategies & am Now part of the Laboom Squad; Here is a video to tell you all about ; The Octo-Content Model

All Links Are Relevant To My Story


I am Timothy Kines 52  I created the name of Brookestarr; my Grandfathers and My Mothers middle names put into one word. My Dad JBK is a big Inspiration in my life and with the Lord Now. I was Born at Harbor city  Hospital and raised In Torrance, Ca. Graduated from South High.


I could start at the very beginning of my memory. Which actually starts at around the age of 2 years old; I will get to it, however for now,¬† I’m not going to do that though because I’d be really going on forever I’m going to start with the beginning of How Brookestarr Property Group, LLC ; Got started.




  That began when the last person in my life that had  influance  of my life, my mother Melody, had a series of Strokes due to smoking most of her life, when the doctors told her to quit smoking, and all the people that she loved that loved her, told her that she had to quit smoking, she showed everyone that she had Quit except me, who she smoked in front of on purpose.

 I was the only one that knew she had not quit smoking, and made me swear not to tell anyone; She could have hid it from me the easiest; I only saw her if I was lucky, once, every two weeks when I was in town.

 My Mom had had a stroke in 2012. The doctors were able to give her that brand new medication at the time that reverse the stroke symptoms, and kept her from having brain damage, however the Doctors Told Her to quit Smoking, Or she would have another stroke and would probably die.

 In 2014 she went to train her dogs on Tuesday night like she did every Tuesday night, and had a major stroke and lost Consciousness; The doctors were afraid to give her the medication which led to her not being able to use her body hardly at all sense.

¬†A good strong argument to quit smoking , I would say! Which I did; It’s been 2 year 9 months since I have, I quit 5 minutes before midnight on December 31st 2017.

 Yes it took two years for me to get the mindset, and a year to get the  will power to do this, what seemed like impossible odds to do at the time, I did it; Everyone said I would fail.

Here Is How To Kick Life’s Ass‚Ěó

¬†It was a New Year’s resolution, Everyone said to wait, I said why? I was ready to do it at the exact time I did it; Everyone I talked to said;¬† Quitting on New Years Day, does not work; However, though; I had a plan for over a year, with God in my head tell ing me to quit.

¬† I even got more upset about it¬† with myself when I realized that I was smoking two packs a day on December 31st; I had been keeping track of my smoking for a week. I’ve been smoking two packs and opening the third pack in a 24-hour period, For an entire week at least.

¬†To this day I still have a pack of cigarettes in my freezer to remind me I do not smoke; I’ve given the rest of them away! I had three cartons at the time I gave up smoking, which was hell to do, hardest thing I have ever done; However I have a nonsmoker mindset thanks to training, and God!

Stop waiting

¬†I still get a flash back withdraw, which has in the past made me start smoking again. Not this time¬† Thank You Lord; Never again; I have not smoked a single one; I’m very proud of myself on that, because it was God that helped me do it; Or should I say the almighty Jesus Christ himself!¬† Lord of Lords, King of Kings God himself; It gives me goose bumps when I praise The almighty Lord like that, Yes I am A Christian; I will get into that later on in my Story.

 Some links you are going to have to type in. sorry

¬†Now starting the company Brookestarr Property Group LLC, was from a real estate school called That I have already mentioned: I went to a seminar in Ontario California; in November of 2016, 1 year 6 weeks before I quit smoking, Where a man named Cole Hatter, had inspired and got me to commit to becoming a Mastery Student in the program headed by Than Merrill, and Paul Essagin, It is for life; I’m hoping I spelled that right; If I didn’t Paul I’m sorry; I will say this Google sure didn’t know how to LOL; They are the Stars of the first reality home improvement show on A&E Called Flip This House.

 The program help me understand real estate and how to do wholesale flipping strategies which is too much competition now; at least in California.

¬†It was something that was a thing that Than Merrill invented in the early 2000’s. It has turned into a fiasco now. And the real estate market is about to crash again. Because of this greed.

Real Estate Coaching & Investment Programs

Did allow me to launch my company:

Brooke Starr Property Group LLC




Buy A Home








¬†“This is my story” ‎


After the three-day seminar in Ontario California, in Jan,2017; On January, 8, 2017; Brookestarr Property Group LLC Was Born.

I went to the Fortune Builders Full Immersion 3 day workshop in Riverside taught by Jon Garrett in Feb 2017; Whose phone number I actually have, that I just pulled out.

 I really did enjoy that I learned a whole lot about more than just real estate. Jon is an awesome life coach.  he was a farmer in Texas when one day he heard on his tractor radio while he was working the field; Jon heard a fortune Builders ad, and wrote down the number on the windshield that was dirty.

¬†The next morning Jon went out and of course couldn’t see the number anymore, So he did a genius thing, he Fogged up the window with his breath and was able to write down the number, and went to the seminar,¬† his life changed forever since he had a family to support, he sold it all, and moved to Southern California! Jon and all the coaches are a natural at Real Estate: Me it is a struggle. ‎



¬†“Now as my story progresses”

I went to events¬† and learned one thing that I still love; And that is social media marketing , it’s what I should have been into from the get-go affiliate social media marketing is the new thing now.

  However; I could have gotten into this when I started the real estate bubble that is now to late to do, way to much competition. All the sucesful people that mentor me say, Like Tai Lopez, Dean Graziosi, Marc Lalonde, and several other mentors say the same thing! Get in early, however make sure that it is tested and proven.  If you get in it to late then You have missed the money train. That is my life story in a nut shell.  Having Family that want you to fail, except  the one who love you unconditional.  I have to admit I have been a failure with out God! If God is not with you, you are going to fall right on your face, That is why I am so ugly! LOL?

¬† I’m not supposed to say this;¬† I don’t care, I’m a man of God? Saved By Christ,?¬† I Will Speak For God through his word;¬† I work for God through his grace; And I will stand with God Through his Glory!¬† Sorry I can’t help myself¬† Wendy¬† An other mentor , God is my life.

I have to look for God in everything that I do. I have always tryed it my way, when I do it for God I succeed, When I do it for me I fall on my    Image result for falling on your ass Tuchus!  ?




¬†I won’t bring it up again, except that I’m a very strong, church-going;¬† God fearing;¬† God loving; God praising; Christ King of Kings Lord of lords Almighty Jesus Christ my savior; Praise God; Christian!

¬†Now That I got that out of my system; As a child I used to go up to my grandmother’s Cattle Ranch every summer, I had three really great mentors.

¬†“My Grandma Miki”

My step-grandfather Joe; and my great-uncle Edgar; they taught me how to fish, how to hunt, how to herd cattle, How to “Mend Fences”, how to work hard, and gave me a really good work ethic; All three.

¬†It was always¬† July that I went up there for a month from July to August usually the hottest time of the year and we used to work everyday. Edgar was very much into cultivating the land and doing a project at all times. He was older than I am now and probably was tougher than I’ll ever be. I learned how to deal with people because of my grandparents and all my mentors. Edgar taught me how to fight which came in really handy at school the next year usually! Every year he teach me new thing and told me if¬† I ever seriously hurt some one he would seriously hurt me! ? I believed Him!

I’d tell him who was bugging me and how old they were, he tell me how to fight a bigger stronger person, and the work that he would make me do made me stronger than most my age.

¬†The Torrance Unified School District had a big problem with that; because anytime I had a problem with somebody including vice-principals.¬† I’d kick their asses, At the end of¬† fourth grade I skipped 5th because of that issue and resumed with my middle school VP.? it’s that simple and let them walk away with a bruse or two and a ego to match; So I would not get killed by Edgar, I made a deal with the VP if he had a problem with me just suspend me.¬† And¬† I Get Away with it because my mom disliked him.

 So I stopped being physical. Then my grandma found out that Edgar was him teaching me how to fight, she just told him I learned enough to defend myself, so he stopped.?

¬†He was in the military in World War II. And he learned how to fight very well. One of the biggest tragedies of the ranch;¬† I was leaving the ranch when I was working for the City Of Torrance; I was up there for a three day weekend, Edgar wanted to go fishing and my grandmother that day wanted to take me out on the ranch and show me the work that was being done by the tree trimmers that were clearing her land for free and keeping the firewood and Timber for their profits which I understood, and it really helped the land because her Ranch was a super fire hazard, the cattle would eat the grass before it would die, But The trees and bushes where Dangerous. she would put her 40 + head of cattle which is how she pay the property tax, it was a cattle ranch considered a business. She didn’t make very much money at it but she was able to make enough to pay all the taxes and the bills.

¬†She and¬† my¬† grandfather like I mentioned earlier both doctors when my mom and Uncle were children. Grandma remarried after my Grandpa Alex passes from smoking cigars. ( Lung cancer)¬† That’s how They met was in medical school and my uncle and my mom were conceived at the hospital why they were working together because they very rarely got to see each other; After he pasted a month after I tured 5. she Married Daddy Joe And he was a hardware entrepreneur; He passed in the winter of Janurary, 1993.

Prayer 2 TROUBLE?


went fishing without me that morning; While me and my grandma Went out on the ranch for her to show me the work that had been done by the tree guys thinning the brush to prevent fire hazards, Me and Edgar had planed to go fishing that day, However when My grandmother put her foot down no one said no to her.

She wanted me to cut a tree back from a fence; So that the workers wouldn’t kill it, I was a tree trimmer for the City Of Torrance, and good with a saw as well.

We got the work done quick, took me a couple of hours. Saved the tree from being cut down to the ground,  We Did a pick nick, and by the time we got back to the house,  I had to pack up, to go back to work the next morning, in Torrance, and it was a 6 hour drive; It was 5pm already as I was leaving.

 It was  summer I know that 1993 about six mouths after Daddy Joe passted, 1993 was a really bad year, for me and the whole family really; I always go down to say good buy to Edger and My Grandmas sister Aunt Eileen, who had been married for over 50 years. I am having trouble with this every time I tell it this I relive it.

I had a parrot named Cesar, I took with me when I went up to the ranch. Edgar and Eileen lived on a 2.5 acre lot my Grandmother sold them in 1972. It was walking distance to the lower lake that was a pound that was about 20 acres and the big lake feed. The lower pound lake; The big lake had a spring that fed it , and it was a 40.5¬† square acre lake; That my grandmas house was 100 yards up from;, it was a awesome view; Edgar had gone fishing down at the lower pond anyway even though I couldn’t go with him.

 Eileen had gone to Fresno to go shopping , and was gone all day without  me and my grandma knowing this, Not that it would have made any difference.

We ( My Grandma And Myself) were on the back 40 acres of section 16 of the ranch; This is part of Coarse-gold California, The ranch was 1400 acres; We did not know that Edgar was at the bottom  Pond by him self with Eileen going to Fresno All Day; I think anyone that is reading this is starting to hope I am not going to go where I am headed with My Story On this; I wish I could tell a different out come.

I drove down to the bottom pond to look at it. I had not seen it for awhile, My Grandmas black lab was there soaking wet, and so was Edgar’s pick up truck, a 1950 dodge,¬† Bubbles hung out with Edgar more than my Grandma, eventhough she was my Grandmas dog;

 We notice bubbles gone we knew she was with Edgar and she was;  His truck was there with no boat, and no sign of Edgar;  The boat was old and Edger would pull the boat out to fix it, I figured that him and Mike a neighbor had put the boat in mikes truck and went back down to edger shop to fix it, Except  Why Was Bubbles there? Swimming and tired as all hell.

 I put her in the back with my bird And drove down to there place; Eileen was in the kitten doing dishes, I did not know that she had just got home.

 So I asked her,  Eileen where is Edgar?! I am going to kick his ass for scaring the living living Shit out of me!

She Looked Right at me and said He’s With YOU!¬† ¬†I just told her to call 911 and tell then to go to the lake, Then go down and open your gate for them.

I ran to the lake; it was faster than driving!¬† I First put Cesar On in the cool¬† Shaded patio,¬† I couldn’t see anything out of the abnormal, Except no boat; Then I noticed Bubbles trying to get me to follow her.

 She took me to the opposite side of the lake to the spillway area of the big lake. it was a good hike to get to that area without the boat; Then she went into the water, and swam out to an old dead tree that was a stump. Edgar had No Life jacket which was mandatory rule That my grandma Strictly enforced.

  He was pulling up the anchor, and capsized the boat, then got caught in the rope of the anchor.

I had boots on ; I just through my wallet to the ground and jump in and swam out to possibly save him;¬† It was as dumb as what he did,¬† I realized that after I tryed to pull him up in 30′ of water, with boots on,¬† I knew he was dead, He was cold a stiff; I stopped swimming, for a moment;¬† I was by myself! the Cowboy boots had filled with water and where pulling me down; Bubbles helped me enough to save me! ??? needles to say I did not make it back to Torrance for 15 days.

Which I know was not okay with Mike Wilson, at the time I told him to shove it up his ass. I apologized when I returned how ever he never did forgive me for that.

I was told by the sheriffs department to stay until the investigation was over; There conclusion; Was what I said about the boat and anchor.

I did not know that at the time, Eileen  got there  after I was saved by Bubbles: first  I yelled for her to stay were she was as I was taking my boots off on the shore full of water; Bubbles was the hero, That Black lab saved my life.

¬†She didn’t listen to me she started to hike; which was a dangerous hike to begin with; So I quickly put my boots back on, and hiked back to cut her off, and; Be there for her.

What was I going to tell her? Is all I could think of, She saw Bubbles saving me, she got there as I was still in the water by Edger so she told me; When I got to her  just to tell her straight out is Edger Dead? I said Yes; and we cried and hugged. Then she slapped me for doing what I did and almost drowning.

 I had to tell her not to go over to were she could see him; I begged her just to go back to edgers truck, so we did. as we got there the firts responder were driving up to the lake.  Then they did there job, I was a suspect at first, they were treating it as a possible murder investigation. My Grandmother put a stop to that, She was a volunteer deputy sheriff.  As Forest Gump Would Say That Is all i have to say about that.

I kind of got off track there Definitely part of my story, I can’t contiue with that anymore; My Grandma past the following February, 6 months after Edgar, 3 months before her 80th birthday.

¬†“My story about Fortune Builders”


So I went to Oakland in march of 2017  with fortune builders and did a internet Immersion for three days,  and a wholesale boot camp  for three days; It 6 day seminar.

 Then a couple months later I went to Colorado, For a Boot camp summit and did it a wholesale boot camp again so that I understood how to do it.


 That was tough by Than Merrill himself;  After that I went to San Diego took office systems, that was three days Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday Saturday and Sunday with Paul again we did the rehab boot camp.

That’s when I found out how to find contractors all the things that you have to do to rehab a house; In other words remodel a broken-down building that back to be completely restored, to brand new modern day standards, for full retail price.

 I did all the coaching and I did everything that I was told to do except that every time I came super close to making a deal somebody would beat me,  they beat my price I just never got a deal done way too much competition, So I Tell all who ask me That Fortune Builders Is A SCAM No it is me and I still kept trying real estate until I just kind of by accident found.

“ “ ‎

hence the reason I’m doing my story! A professional story, it is not. I need help with it,

¬†I just met a mentor who reached out to me , God bless her for helping me, I have been writing my story and she Told me to finish this first then she’s telling me what classes to take, after I finish my story, This is a lot of work and soul draining.

 Now my story will continue; I am really happy that she reached out to me because; I was doing everything wrong with my social media Outlet kind of making everybody run away from me instead of Branding my  content that motivates and inspires.

I was bringing political Hate and religious beliefs to my social media platform, Wendy is right. No Talking about The Awesome President Of The United States! Donald Trump! (KAG!)  or Jesus Christ Almighty God!, Lord And savior! AMEN!!! Lord!?  Which is making everybody run away from me LOL.

¬† So, I’m going to stop that; I have mentioned it in my story because of what I said earlier I’m not going to go back into it. Praise God. so now I am doing what I have on my wall, MY WHY! Success!


¬† For Success! (You must be coachable number one); (Number 2 show up on time!) ( Number 3 be willing to take advice from mentors!) (Number 4¬† finish what you start! that is really important; in fact I’ve heard that from every single successful Mentor that I have ever listened to. ) (You got to finish what you start get it done.) and (you need to be proactive that’s number 5 five.) Then there’s¬† ¬†number 6 that is Marc’s Number one rule which is number 6 in the fortune Builders vocabulary which is ( Educating yourself! ) Always everyday learn something new. (Again with number 4!¬† finish what you start; It is Number 7!¬† You need to implement not procrastinate.) That is hard to do 99% of people have a listening problem to that which is why only 1% of the population of the world is successful, There not coachable and they are lazy.

I am really trying hard as heck to get things done, I just finally gave up on real estate, which is just sit on the back burner for now, That is Number 8 Never Give up!  so I have to work on myself ! That is My Why Now.

¬†I’ve learned too much just to completely Give It Up.

So I can’t give up I need to at least do one wholesale flip and get it done.

¬†However! it’s going to be more of a hobby now; affiliate Marketing is My Why, Leaning how to brand my self.

So That Is  my why. Now my why now is BrandingYOUniversity learning how to do  videos and content videos.

I have a lot to learn from what I’ve seen so far 177 webinars that I need to watch and I am doing what I should have done when I first started which was a month ago and that’s this writing my story. like I said earlier my story will continue I will always be adding to this however that is my choice for now and that’s how I got involved with Marc Lalonde and BrandingYOUniversity.

 So Let me tell you the many things I have done.

Sales stock clerk was my second job at Karl’s Toy’s and Hobbies at 16.

My 1st Job was a paper boy at 13 to 16. from age 6 to 13.

I mowed lawns and washed cars, well enough to have a waiting list.

I washed mine and my parents,  dogs to for $5 dollars a dog.

My parents had Two Old English Sheep Dogs, a Springier Spaniel, and mine was a  Doberman Pinscher. She was mine so I did not get paid for  Pumpkin,

She only took me 5 minutes to wash; ? I guess I was a entrepreneur from when I was a child!

My dad bought a pinball machine and  it was a dime to play, So I would let my friend play 4 game for a dime; I would put the three dime in for every dime a paying customer would pay. I had kids over all the time, Playing Pinball.

I had the key so I just take out the money when everyone left .

YouTube Video 1 – 12/04/2019

My parents told to stop after a month, Electricity I wasn’t paying for so I got shut down?¬† Now with everything else I would get what I needed for washing and waxing cars because I charged $5 for a basic wash and $15 for detailing and waxing. I would spend as much time as it took to wash¬† and wax to my stranded.

No one ever complained; My customers¬† would make appointments with me, because they all said I was better than a professional car detailers. Then I got my paper rout and didn’t need to do it anymore.

 I still did it for a neighbor that had a really nice Mercedes Benz. He paid me $30 Dollars every Saturday afternoon; My route, was in the morning I get the papers at 5am then I went bowling after my route for two leagues from 9am  jr league in the morning and the adult Jr Leage at 12 noon to 2pm then wash Mr. Sines Car.

 Wow I never realized how hard I worked as a kid, LOL I loved doing it; I would just blow all my money at the bowling ally and the go cart track though. I did not have parents that made me save. They let me do what I wanted to do. I made it, so they let me spend it. ?

So after my stock clerk job at Karl’s Toys;

I got a job at Hughes market, for a year.

Then Mc Donalds for 6 months. That is when i realized I hated working for people with supervision.

So I got a job with my High school at 17 and was a Janitor while I was learning welding at  SCROC;  And I was still in High school; My 18th birthday was 6 weeks before school ended and I did summer school that year to make up a class I did not complete.

So Now that puts me at El Camino College in fall of 1985.

 All these jobs and experiences has a story attached;  I Partied with people a decade older than me because I looked Like I was 30 when I was 16. I was already begaining to go balled at 17,   I am Starting to realize I need to write a book! Remember I went up to my grandmas ranch every summer from age 7 to age 19!

 The Summer I went up there in 1986 was a life changer; My Grandmother decided to medal in my life and put her foot down; I had no idea what I was going to do? I was still learning welding, and shop blue printing at El Camino college taking 8 units a semester, and after High school and my school job I started Washing cars again in my neighborhood.

¬†All my old customers were thrilled! Well my Grandmother wasn’t,(? ) happy at all or amused.¬† She asked me what I was going to do with my life and my goals.

 I already knew; I just was not telling anyone what I had planed not only her the whole family would come unglued. I had to wait until I was 21 to get a job training to be a Long haul commercial driver.

Man!  That Women was as good as they get at getting me to spill the beans, Doctors!  I still do not know how she did it, However She finally got me let it slip out.

¬†I was going to be A Cross Country Commercial Driver;¬† When I turned 21, I will never forget her saying this to me, now remember I was 19 Just turned it to, So I was living under her roof! My parents house was my grandmothers,¬† (Doctors!) She Looked me straight¬† into my Eyes and Said I Quote! I’ll Be Damned If Any Grandson of Mine Is Going To Be A FUCKING!!! TRUCK! DRIVER!!!¬† ?‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

  She was more Appalled Than The Extreme Left was at President Trump! ??Winning the 2016 Election???.  OH BOY DID THE SHIT? HIT THE FAN HEADER THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO. I NEW IT WOULD PISS OFF EVERYONE.

¬†At the age of 51 I found out I have a half brother! I will get into that, when I get back into today. Addison Wasn’t even born when this was going down.

 My Mom and Dad were not talking to each other I was kicked out of college and know one knew.

My grandmother found out because The college Told her after spring break; After I went missing from family;  I Got a job with the City Of Torrance during this two weeks and know one knew were I was or knew about Torrance until My mom saw me at a park working with my truck and uniform on!

 The police just told Them all that I was not missing and that I was working for The City Of Torrance; ??  My Grandma forgave me because I was working for Torrance; She was okay with that;  Now it is 1989. 1993 was the year That Edgar Passed then in 1994 my grandmother passed and in 1995 my  Life went to hell in a hand basket; I was in the middel of the 10 years of Hell as billy had put it.

Video2 NCLive 12/9/19

“Comming Soon! “


Well It is here! The Octo – Content Model¬† “2020”

MY Story  Continues!

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Smiles Everywhere

MY Why !



“Coming Soon”

My Story Continues,

I Do Updates,

Still Have Past stories of me,



How My MindSet Has Changed!


Here Is How To Kick Life’s Ass‚Ěó


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