Political Joke 1

Political Joke 1

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A Husband And Wife Couple Are Driving Home From A Political Found Raiser In Los Angeles Back To There Home In Santa  Monica.Image result for Los Angeles political fundraiser

They’re going down interstate 10, When all the sudden they get pulled over by CHP officer.

The husband Harry; Was driving the car.

The wife Marge was the passenger as the officer walks up to the driver’s window, and says to the man sir you were going 75 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour Zone!

 Harry looks at the officer and says to him no sir!  I was going 65 at the fastest; I wasn’t going 75!

Marge says to him oh Harry you were going 80 easy!

Harry looks at Marge, and gives her a mean stare?

The officer then says to Harry; Sir I’m also going to cite you for your broken tail light that is it okay!

Harry says to the officer sir I didn’t know that my tail light was broken, are you sure?

Marge replies oh Harry we have known about the broken tail light for at least a month now.

Harry turns to Marge and gives her a really nasty stare?.

The officer then says to Harry sir  Now I’m also going to cite you for not having your seat-belt on.

Harry says to the officers sir; I know I had the seat-belt on I took it off as you were walking up to the car!

 Marge says  Oh Harry your lying your ass off ! You never wear your seat-belt!

 ? Harry turns to Marge and gives her an extremely nasty stairs and says Marge would you shut the hell up you dumb!!!!! ?????

 The officer asks Marge, Mam does your husband always treat  and talk to you that way?

   Marge says to the officer

No sir; He treats me very well actually.

 He only treats me this way when he’s drunk.?‍♀️?‍♀️

Harry Says to the Officer.

Officer I am Not Drunk She Is! Marge reply’s Oh Yah I was drinking! That is right (While she is laughing in a tipsy way?);  She Continues and says loudly Harry was doing Lines Of Cocaine; With his friends;  As the officer sees white powder on his nose.

Harry Says to the officer that is what I get For Marrying  Marge; She is even dumber than Joe Biden!


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