Satan’s War On You!

Satan’s War On You!

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“Satan’s War On You!”

“How Can I defeat Satan when he attacks?”Image result for Satan's War

Image result for how to defeat Satan when he attacks

The Lord has put it in my heart to say these things I believe he is speaking through me in this moment of time.


Image result for the Apostle Paul and the disciples The Apostle Paul had firsthand knowledge of Satan’s fierce battle against the church, against individual leadership and against The Lords Disciples.Image result for the Lord's disciples

 The Holy Spirit gave the Apostle Paul very keen insights into the destructive strategies that Satan employs in every generation in his attempt to defeat all of us.

  Satan wants to render us powerless to do God’s work.

Failure on your part, or my part to recognize these enemies, to defend ourselves against destructive, Ageless, strategies.Related image

Could bring Untold devastation, hurt, and sorrow, not only into our lives but into the lives of generations down the line.

There is a spiritual battle that rages in all of us who believe.

This battle rages all around us, and sometimes even inside of us.Image result for a spiritual battle inside of us

Related image This battle is a battle for Satan to gain control of your mind, and all of the Lord’s followers and disciples.

Why does Satan extend all of his time and energy?

It is in an attempt to enslave all of God’s people, for satan purpose, of defeating our faith in God, and defeating God’s Army.

  Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the Flesh.

 For the weapons of our Warfare, are not of the flesh, are divinely powerful, for the destruction of fortresses.

 We are destroying speculations at every lofty thing raised up, against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to The Obedience of Christ Our Savior and Lord.

 We repeat do not war according to the Flash.Image result for we do not war according to the flesh

 As soon as you become a child of God, whether you like it or not you have Been inscribed into The King Of King’s Army!

  At that time you then became Satan’s Public Enemy Number One.

 Now you can go and claim yourself as a pathologist (a scientist who studies the causes and effects of diseases, especially one who examines laboratory samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes.), however, it won’t work according to scripture, Because Satan is a Pathological Liar!

  Luke 7 verse 23-24.

 23. To you whoever says this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea and dare not doubt in his heart; Now the Believers that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.

 24. Therefore I say to you,  saith the Lord, whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you will receive them and you will have them.

Image result for the power of Prayer

  Now That Is The Secret to defeating Satan; when he attacks you.

  A). Is to recognize that you are indeed under Satan’s attack!

  B).  Pray to our Loving, Understanding, Caring, All-Powerful, Almighty God!

” Satan loses all of his power against you when you say out loud for all to hear in Prayer! “Image result for pray






Image result for God's power to defeat Satan





Now according to scripture, whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, or whether anybody else likes it or not, we are all engaged in this Mighty battle.

For God so loved the world that he sacrificed his only son oh, so that all might be saved, for all of eternity.

The Messiah Jesus Christ Lord, and Savior sacrifice himself on the cross of Calvary, so that he will defeat Satan.

It is very important if you have never read the bible to read , The Book of Matthew, The book of Mark, The Book of Luke, and the Book of John.Image result for there is a spiritual battle going on

I suggest the  $4 Books of the Gospels Of Christ. Followed by the Book of Revelations, and after that read Acts and the entire new testament all the way thrugh reading Revalation twice. I have read Revelation Four Time in my life The Last Year twice.

 Then Start with Genesis, The beginning of the Bible the first book, of the old Testament,  I admit I only have read Genesis in the old testament.  However I am working on Exodus Now.

  God and Satan are at War, both of they’re Followers are at War, Their Kingdoms are at War!

Now, folks, there are three very fundamental things.


1.) There is a spiritual battle going on.

So the battle has begun, according to Genesis Satan deceives Adam and Eve which Begins the war.

Image result for Satan's War



2). Redemption.Image result for Redemption

This is the plan by God’s will,  that every generation of the Bible says that Christ redeems those who are lost and in bondage to Satan, when they repent their sins, Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice by his blood so that all his followers in his Fellowship can go to the father and say I paid for all man kinds sins, so he the Messiah may redeem any that he knows and loves, and lives by his words.

Remember when you become one of Jesus’s followers you become one of Jesus’s soldiers in his army to do battle against Satan and his demons army.


3). The Holy Spirit.Image result for the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is something that the Lord in thrives in all of his Believers,

So that anybody who believes in Him may have the power the glory and the kingdom of God forever and ever.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God in you doing God’s work against the forces of Satan’s evil army of Demons.

It gives any who are infused with the Lord, walking with the Lord, Praying to the Lord, Thinking with the Lord, reading with the Lord, and talking only to the Lord.

With the awesome Power Of The Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Infused with his awesome Holy Spirit

You His True Follower and Church, Will help with the other Two Fundamental Things of, The Spiritual Battle, and Redemption, With the Power and Glory of The Holy Spirit.

So that The Word of God May come to light in defeating Satan, And God’s Will Bring Peace, Grace, and The Awesome Power Of The lord will Loomanate Over The Earth.Image result for awesome power of God



Image result for Satan's War


Related image



Image result for spiritual warfare prayer

If you did not believe In God! However This has change your heart That Jesus died,and shed his blood on The Cross Of Calvary, So That all who believe Might be Saved, Please Go To a Christian Church of you choosing, Or at place of worship for The Lord to Hear, Pray these words he has given to you to pray for his Grace for your Salvation.



Related image

May God Bless Your Soul,  And Guide You In the Spiritual War That You Have Now Joined.

With All Who Believe In The Lord!

In The Name Of The Almighty God, Son, And Holly Spirit!

We Christians Disciples Do Pray!




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